The teaser for Eero Ettala’s documentary Ender just dropped, and man does it look like one stunning grand finale to an unparalleled career. Eero Ettala is a paradigm. His presence in our sport so vast and pervasive that he is simply an entity who has no equal. From his multitude of world-class contest podiums, full parts with snowboarding’s top film companies, to his more recent Cooking with Gas hijinks, Eero’s influence has been steady and effusive for a healthy portion, not only of his life, but of snowboarding’s entire existence. This year Eero filmed for his valedictory video part, a segment which promises to be the ender of all enders, documenting a staggering exeunt to one of snowboarding’s most influential and progressive pros. Joining him in Ender are generations of riders: Terje Haakonsen, Heikki Sorsa, Marko Grilc, Aaron Biittner, Marko Grilc, Knut Eliassen, Toni Kerkelä, Anti Jussila, Markus Kleveland and Sam Taxwood. Ender promises to enlighten us on the subtle difficulties and strenuous complications that Eero has overcome in order to attain such a prominent pedestal in a physically demanding sport while celebrating the perseverance and overall talent of an outstanding human being. You’ll be able to watch it gratis, one day only, on Redbull TV, October 31st and in November Ender will be available for download on iTunes.