The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding is a unique film endeavor headed by photographer Jerome Tanon. As a professional snapper of photos, Jerome gets an extremely intimate and unique perspective on the world of snowboarding. After years of observation and conscientious scrutiny, Jerome began to reflect. In some aspects, when considering the facts, which in snowboarding are often cold and hard—face to cement, endless harsh zeaches to scorp, ass-backward tomahawking down areas prone to avalanches—an existence of standing sideways is confusing and raises many questions. Why do we do it? What spurs us ever onward? Is it beautiful? In an attempt to definitively answer such existential inquiries as these, Jerome started filming everything. Nonstop documentation. While many times we only see the tip of the iceberg, the polished shots, the most hilarious of the antics—essentially doctored images—Jerome wanted to capture the candor, truth, the (sometimes literal) bare-assness, and the beauty of what snowboarders do. We’re pretty excited to see what Jerome came up with. The teaser suggests something profound awaits.