Matt Cummins, a living cornerstone of snowboarding and its special culture, has contributed enormously to the healthy propagation of freestyle riding. Not only were his athletic aesthetics phenomenally influential, but his revolutionary board designs have shaped the nature of the very decks we ride today. With the longest-running pro model in snowboarding, Matt’s sublime impact on our sport is indisputable. Here’s the momentous epic of Matt’s monstrously important 25 Years with Lib Tech.

"His board was a ground breaking concept. It spear headed twin tip freestyle snowboarding, it created a genre. To have that kind of a brick in the foundation of snowboarding is truly a special thing. Matt deserves and is owed every ounce of that brick and it's a big one. Matt and what he stood for and the way he rode and why he rode Lib Tech made me want to ride and be a part of what he stood for as well. Throughout the years having him build such a legacy with his board, he packaged all that awesomeness up, put a nice little bow on it and handed it right off to me and for that I can't thank him enough. I owe him everything. What I've been able to achieve in my career came from Matt Cummins. I don't think he get's enough credit, so this is the opportunity, Matt, thank you so much brother." -Jamie Lynn