Episode 6: New York Jib Trip

Music: “Viva Slam Dunkus” by Slam Dunk

The Snowboard Realms is the brainchild of the creative mastermind, TJ Schneider. He wasn’t too into the idea of filming your standard video part, so he created this project to allow him to do the type of snowboarding he wanted to do, and ride with the people he wanted to ride with. This may sound selfish, but it isn’t because you, the audience, get the opportunity to be entertained by his winter adventures. And for your viewing pleasure, here is the entire fourth season so far.

Episode 5: Montage and Sunny Days

Music: Permanent Bastards and The Romany Rye

Episode 4: Jibbing

Music: “New Bones” by Minto. “Sing To Me” by Marlin

Episode 3: GWAR, Hood Meadows, Whistler Opening Day

Music: “Horror of Yig” by GWAR

Episode 2: Art in Japan and Am-bush Montage.

Music: Song 1- “In Da Club” by Evan Gunther. Song 2- “Only Fun ” by Slam Dunk

Episode 1

Music: Permanent Bastards Song: ” SOS” Album: Emericans


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