The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Everybody, Everybody—Brandon Davis Full Part

From Big Bear with love. Brandon Davis can ride just about anything, and his second year under the SNOWBOARDER marquee shows it. Back from Beta, Brandon puts up for Everybody, Everybody and puts on for his hometown.

Brandon Davis
Photo Credit: Evgeny Pavlov
Not from Boston.

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Most common sentence overheard during the winter?
“FOR WHAT?” Finder, Phil, Gabe, and I were talking shit all year and yelling, “For what?” about everything. It was a joke between us about why we were out there in the cold-ass weather, shoveling some big ol’ lip for a jump that we are all about to bomb hole first try and most likely ruin. It was all in good spirits, though. We were never truly bummed about what we were doing, just talking shit on ourselves.

Photo Credit: E-Stone

Favorite story from the year?

We met up with this photographer dude named Poncho from Russia. He was super nice dude and took rad photos. But we were out in Austria doing some sidecountry filming and normally you want everyone to be prepared, as far as having beacon, probe, shovel, and knowing how to use it. This dude didn’t give a fuck, though. We were talking avy conditions one day and he was saying, “A three here is like a one in Sochi,” and persisted that it was not a big deal (which you should NEVER DO). Ryan ended up buying Poncho a shovel, so he would at least be able to help if anything did happen. That was just funny to me. We never did end up riding anything too sketchy there, but if you ever travel in the baclcountry you need to be ready for anything.

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