The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Everybody, Everybody—Cooper Whittier Full Part

Scoring a well-deserved opener, check out what Cooper Whittier had to say about riding and filming this past season for Everybody, Everybody.

Cooper Whittier Full Part Snowboarding
Photo Credit: Tim Zimmerman

Best things happening in snowboarding right now:
Anything that adidas, Vans, Jake Durham, or Colton Morgan put out will always blow me away. Plus, all the events like SKOLF that bring the community together are too much fun and so good for snowboarding.

So, I was already in Quebec City with all my friends filming for the new Dustbox video, and the SNOWBOARDER crew just got to town. It was really bad weather, so we took the day off, but I saw someone in the SNOWBOARDERMag group chat send the pin for a spot that Jeff Holce was hitting. We were so bored that we drove to Jeff’s spot and got Dan McGonagle to put on a ski mask and pretend to aggressively kick them out of the spot. He started screaming at them with a French accent and then jokingly tried to stop Jeff from dropping in to the rail. Jill swung her shovel at him and cut up his leg. This whole time they had no clue it was Dan, and I was across the street filming it.

Cooper Whittier
Photo Credit: Tim Zimmerman

You are arguably the biggest snowboard/skate nerd in the crew. What are some of your video-specific inspirations?
I think a lot of my inspiration comes from watching Fully Flared, and Scott Stevens in Right Brain Left Brain when I was growing up. Those videos had a huge impact on me and really sparked my love for skate/snow videos. Some flicks that really influence me now, though, are Mindfield, Eastern Exposure 3, Rendered Useless, any KTC video, Videogracias, LANDLINE., and all the 411’s. Being such a fan of videos definitely forced me to get in the perspective of the viewer while we were filming. I really wanted people to feel the same way I do when I watch some of my favorite parts. I probably didn’t succeed at that, but I think that really influenced the filming process.

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