The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Everybody, Everybody—Finn Westbury Full Part

Finn to win! We told him we would use that. He doesn’t seem too competitive though, especially for having a brother on the same roster… but on a trip Finn could technically be a one man band. He can film, ride, AND shovel… a triple-threat in snowboarding of sorts. The BETA alum out of Calgary, Alberta put up another memorable part alongside Everybody for his second season with SNOWBOARDER, and we couldn’t be more stoked to have him. A few words and photos from his season below.


Photo Credit: E-Stone

Most common sentence overheard during the winter?
A lot of “I got a big beer on this try” went down. Also, the self-proclaimed, “right here” is a classic. Someone said, “Kebab?” every day in Helsinki (mostly Derek).

Photo Credit: E-Stone

Favorite story of the season?
While in Quebec City, we stayed in “Jibbers’ Paradise.” That was what we called our room that had seven of us in it: JJ, Benny, Reid, Gab, Coop, Jeff, and me. It was a hectic lil’ trip. -30 temps always have a way of driving you insane (or in Jeff’s case, a toothache). Anyway, one day we went to this heavy spot for Benny. Phil and Ted had just made some modifications to the rail, so there was a new option that I was dwelling on. I’m filming an angle of Benny and can hardly feel my feet or hands. Ben makes quick work and laces it out in five tries. This fires me up so much—I haven’t strapped in, in days, but I’m down to try. In my head I was like, “I’ll just do it in five tries, too.” I strap in and my snowboard literally feels like it’s a 2×4. Try five rolls through and I’m flying through the air sideways as I land back taco on the rail. Didn’t feel nice at all. Thanks, Benny.

Photo Credit: E-Stone

You and JJ have always filmed with your close homies, but who is the best filmer out of all of the riders in the video?
This is a heavy question! At most spots someone was filming an alternative angle. Sometimes you’d lace it out and claim you just filmed the A angle. I believe Reid has claimed the most. No comment on the authenticity of that statement.

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