The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Everybody, Everybody—Gab Jacques Full Part

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Photo Credit: Melissa Rittano

Back again for the second year with SNOWBOARDER! Quebec-born ripper Gab Jacques lets the old adage ring true by letting his riding do the talking, but don’t worry… we sat him down for a few questions about the winter. Check out his full part above, and read on about why Japan is the land of the never-ending shovel below.

Most common sentence overheard during the winter?
Reid saying so much funny shit every day.

Photo Credit: Ted Borland

Favorite story from this year?
We were in Japan and there was no snow in Azumino-Shi city, but one morning they got like an inch everywhere, so we decided to go hit a perfect down rail (where I did my switch backlip). It was a warm and sunny day, so we all had to snowplow all around the spot to build the run-in, jump, and landing. After every try, we had to put more snow in the landing because the snow was melting so fast.

How was your second year of filming with only English speakers? Does filming help you learn English a little easier? Did anyone try and learn any French from you?
The second year definitely helped me with learning English. I’m more at the listening point than speaking, but it will come. I love this language. A couple of the guys asked me some French words, but it’s a hard language to learn, so they forget the words after one day, haha.

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