The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Everybody, Everybody—Gabe Ferguson Full Part

Gabe Ferguson pulled double duty this year putting out a full part with SNOWBOARDER in Everybody, Everybody, as well as some standout clips in JOY! Check out some thoughts on his season below.

Gabe Ferguson
Photo Credit: E-Stone

Most common sentence overheard during the winter?
“For what?”- Brandon
“That dude is a clown.”-Nik Baden
“Do you guys have Micheladas?”-Tyler Orton

Any standout sessions?
Having Rene in Utah with us was dope! All he wanted to do was drive my truck and listen to Queen. Dude is a king. He also went mental on some jumps!

Photo Credit: E-Stone

What kind of insight did you gain from filming with people you don’t normally snowboard with this year? Did you learn from anyone?
Filming with Finder this year was dope! I didn’t know him at all at the start of the year. We went straight into an Austria trip with tight sleeping quarters and no real idea what we were doing. Great time, though. The dude is a straight-up homie and showed me around Utah a bunch!

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