The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Everybody, Everybody—Jill Perkins Full Part

Whether it was from the long stretches of highways of sunny Southern California or her current residence on the black top laden avenues of Salt Lake City… you can’t argue with the fact that Jill Perkins looks pretty comfortable in the streets. We might even go as far to say as she does her best snowboarding surrounded by a mixture of cement, asphalt and metal. Whatever the reason may be, we are all better for it. Dropping a heavy part filled with spots all over the world, her eclectic selection turned into a fast favorite amongst the Everybody crew… and we are pretty sure you will like it to. Check out her season’s work above, as well as some words on making the thing happen below.

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Most common sentence overheard during this winter?
“Here we go, Reid.”Reid
“You got this, Reid.”Reid
“Just be patient.”Everyone to me.

Everybody Everybody Jill Perkins bio
Photo Credit: Jill Perkins/ E-Stone

Solid story from the season?
Oh boy, I survived. That is a story in itself, haha. Norway was probably my favorite: good people, we saw reindeer, we did not see the Northern Lights, got to go to a Norwegian dinner party, and ate pastries every day. Japan was also pastry-filled as we went to Sweet Azumino every morning for breakfast to fill up on sweet bread and bear pastries filled with chocolate. Fat year.

Jill Perkins
Photo Credit: Jill Perkins/ Ted Borland

This was your first video part and you just about survived the whole year in the streets. Will we ever see Backcountry Jill?
Backcountry Jill could surface, maybe with a new approach. Right now, I am still enjoying the suffering it takes to film in the streets. On the side, I would love to continue learning about the backcountry and practicing safety because it honestly scares the shit out of me. I might have to hire Hannah Eddy to be my coach and backcountry style guide.

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