The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Everybody, Everybody—Phil Hansen Full Part

By the green mohawk and thong dawning double backflip, you might think Phil Hansen is a pretty wild guy. Well, you’d be correct. But… he is also quite the nice house guest. As he says, he likes to shred pillows, but surprisingly… he also folds the sheets and leaves them at the foot of the bed when he stays over. While we don’t condone giving just anyone a spot to crash (Reid Smith will drink all of your White Claws and Gabe Ferguson will eat everything in your cabinets)… we would definitely back Phil as a safe call. In fact, if you see him ripping around this winter and want to hear some ridiculous stories… feel free to offer him a spot on your floor, you won’t be disappointed. Check out his full part above, and read on for a few of his stories below.

Phil Hansen
Photo Credit: Evgeny Pavlov

Most common sentence overheard during the winter?
Definitely “For what?” and “You should buy a sled.” I eventually bought the sled, so repetition worked there.

Favorite time from the season?
My favorite memory was actually our last day of filming for the year. We’d been getting skunked with bad snow on our trip to California and decided to give this jump we’d tried a few times one last go. The landing on it slid a week or so before and it was still crusted over. I slammed really bad and Finder and I just decided to ride our sleds around and relax. We ended up finding this cool, rocky zone with spires, holes, and caves. We walked around in it for a few hours. It was at the top of Sonora Pass and we could see the entire area we had been exploring for the last month. We could point out all of our jumps and talked about where we’d ridden fun lines and seen animals. It was like being able to paint a story of your life.

Phil Hansen
Photo Credit: Evgeny Pavlov

What’s more embarrassing: a double backflip in a man-thong or learning how to snowmobile?
The double backflip was a lost bet against Brandon and it was for the glory. It’s not embarrassing and the ladies love it when I wear that suit, too. I’m just glad I didn’t slam because that probably would have been the end of the trip for me: naked tomahawk on a 60-foot jump. The snowmobile is a constant struggle and sometimes I wish I could burn my sled to the ground. Bless the Red Dragon.

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