The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Everybody, Everybody—Reid Smith Full Part

Back for a second year with The SNOWBOARDER Movie and Reid Smith scores the ender… not to mention the cover of our most recent issue. Congrats Reid! You deserve it. Enjoy his full part above, and hear what he had to say about the project below!

Reid Smith
Photo Credit: E-Stone

Most common sentence overheard during the winter?
“I don’t know, kinda just worked.” – Benny
“For what!?” – Gabe and Brandon
“I thought you were doing what I thought you were doing.” – Finn and JJ

Reid Smith
Photo Credit: E-Stone

Favorite story that you can actually tell on here?
One night in Quebec, we were helping Phil Trifiro hit a spot around midnight because it was an awning at a business. Beforehand, while we were killing time waiting for the business to close, Phil brought us to his local bar during their weekly trivia night. Unfortunately, all the directions were in French and had to be quickly and roughly translated by Phil, so we got most of the questions wrong. However, we did make sure to dive into a few pitchers of beer that were served in flower pots. Once the trivia game ended, we wandered over to the spot laughing and cross-eyed. The night ended with Phil getting an insane switch 5-0 and Benny puking on his boots. :)

Why are you always flipping the middle finger? You mad?
Just an easy way to see that goofy Ted smile when I’m a little pissed at myself.

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