The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Everybody, Everybody—Rene Rinnekangas Full Part

Rene Rinnekangas Full Part
Photo Credit: Tatu Toivanen

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You know how the old saying goes, you got to Finn to win. Well, Rene Rinnekangas in one hand fits the mold… the up-and-coming Finnish rider has been capturing the hearts of just about every rider he has come into contact with over the past three seasons. But on the other hand, you could say Rene breaks every mold in the book. Unorthodox contest runs mixed with an undeterred sense of optimism… Rinnekangas is exactly what snowboarding needs. We won’t say he is saving snowboarding, but he is definitely taking it out on the town and showing snowboarding a wonderful time. And now, a few words from the man himself:

Rene Rinnekangas Bio
Photo Credit: Tatu Toivanen

Is snowboarding going downhill or is it getting better?
I think snowboarding is getting better and better, even if snowboarding has seen better years. Contests have gone the spin-to-win way a little bit, but I’m happy that it’s getting a little different. For example, Dew Tour’s modified pipe is a super cool concept and all the quarterpipe-style jumps in slopestyle courses are super nice. I feel like there should be more contests with creative courses like that.

Any good stories from filming this year?
When me and my good friend and filmer, Anton ‘’Jarssi’’ Kiiski were in the US, it was his first snowboard filming trip there. We stayed one night at a casino hotel and he wanted to play at the casino. He started playing blackjack or some card game and drinking Modelo. Suddenly he said this is the ‘’American Dream!’’ I remember we laughed a lot about it, haha.

What do you think are the differences between contest riders and video part riders? Can the two worlds meet together somehow?
I think its has gone that way. If you ride contests, then you are contest rider and same thing with filming. But, of course you can do both and I think that is the sickest. I really look up to those riders who can ride everything and you can see it in their snowboarding. I feel like in the past, the same riders that were doing contests were also filming more. It would be cool to mix it up a little bit more again. Of course, there are riders who are doing it and it’s super cool. It would be cool to see people do it even more.

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