The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Resolution – Louif Paradis Full Part

Big Lou's impressive ender.

The 72-hour online premiere of Louif's full part is over, but you can watch this anytime you want by downloading The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Resolution from iTunes. Read the interview here! 

We could say that Louis-Felix Paradis is not only one of the most naturally gifted individuals to strap into a snowboard, but also one of the most committed to his progressing his craft through thoughtful and continuous perseverance. And it would be true. We could say that Louif’s dedication to constantly log clean, proper, and innovative tricks has made for some of the most beloved and impressive video parts of the past decade. And that would also be true. We could say that each time this French Canadian phenom releases a video part, all of snowboarding stops to watch what he has done. And this year is no different.

Last winter, Louif headed out into the streets with The SNOWBOARDER Movie crew to film for Resolution. The past four years he had spent filming for the two films made by the Deja Vu crew and coming off a heavy ender in Encore, Louif reprised his role as the closer once again. In his 2016 video part, Big Lou selects kinked rails, redirects, wallrides, down bars, cracks in walls, and hefty drops and reads each spot in a way that is unique to his style of riding, usurping convention with every drop.

For the next 72 hours only, watch Louif’s part from Resolution in full right here. Once the online premiere is over, you can keep watching and re-watching by downloading The SNOWBOARDER Movie: Resolution on iTunes.