Think Thank presents Mind the Video Man – Brandon Hammid Full Part

We know it’s not wise to snowboard near moose, but what happens when a moose straps in and drops in? Well, you make sure the camera is rolling. Corny intros aside, Brandon Hammid came out in full force in his first-ever full part from Think Thank in Mind the Video Man. This part contains a plethora of proper presses, a proliferation of redirects, and plenty of tech-saavy, skate-influenced lines. And for the first time, Think Thank has brought Hammid’s segment in its full glory to the internet, just for your enjoyment. Now you can easily pause and replay, so take your time and enjoy three minutes and forty-nine seconds of hammer tricks from the one and only Buffmoose. And remember, this is only the primer. Get ready for his latest full part in Think Thank Almanac, coming this fall.

Watch the teaser for Think Thank Almanac.