Right Turn Left Turn looks at the season of five snowboarders exploring the art of turning and everywhere it leads them. From a beginner’s side-slide to the perfect high speed carve, Think Thank Special Projects aims to show how the simple act of turning your board can unlock an entire universe of snowboard self expression. Chris Beresford, Max Warbington, Chris Larson, Jesse Burtner and Freddy Perry explore the world using their snowboards both to interpret what they see and to leave their own unique signature behind. Whether it be carving groomers, slashing powder, getting weird in the city or lapping the local park, it all starts with a Right Turn Left Turn.

This teaser is an early look at the project cut to the drumming of Alaskan, life long snowboarder, and drummer in New York’s A Place To Bury Strangers, Robi Gonzalez. The metronome sets the pace and as Robi progresses from the practice pad to the drum kit and beyond, the riders follow suit.

Think Thank Special Projects is a division of Think Thank committed to taking close looks at ideas, individuals, or movements within snowboarding. Right Turn Left Turn will be released together with Think Thank Almanac on BluRay DVD as well as separately on iTunes this coming August.

Watch the Think Thank Almanac teaser.