“I get approximately 0. -1 bitches on a daily basis,” remarked TJ Homan, commenting on his less than elegant social skills while filming this two-year segment of outstanding snowboarding. TJ already rides for Prospect Snowboards, Irregular Folk, and Chair 49—so he’s not necessarily looking for any corporate deals, perhaps just an attractive corporeal date. This madcap Midwesterner may not be debonair, but he is very adept at catching air—so adept that he’ll probably reel in a few phone numbers after his video amasses the immense amount of views it is sure to get. Unaffiliated Productions, Alex Havey and Calen Albert oversaw the camera work of this visual victual, ensuring that TJ’s good side (although, he may not have a bad side) was handsomely captured as he massacred Tyrol Basin’s park and and caused municipal mayhem on a burly slew of street features. If TJ can 270 through DFDs, which takes kingly cojones, yet can’t get any ladies then we may all be screwed—or actually just the opposite.