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Todd Richards. Photo: Jake Pollock.

“The 2018 TSRW made for an all around rad weekend. In honor of Tom and his legacy this grass roots celebration united the legends of the sport with the boards of their time in the place it all started. The first ever half pipe competition was held here at Soda Springs 35 years ago in 1983.

This past weekend 75 competitors spanning all generations of riders from across the world united, rode, dug, raced, and flew together while the snow fired at Soda Springs. That history didn’t seem so long ago seeing the likes of Terry Kidwell and Rob Morrow still ripping with style like the old days.

Conditions were kept interesting during the slalom race. Emelio Botero led the pack of new schoolers while Cameron Beck defended his title amongst those on boards from 89 and earlier. Once the race was over, everyone took to the slopes and crushed the snow that stacked all day.

The monster stunt ditch, hand shaped by the competing riders, hosted appearances from Chris Roach, Todd Richards, Dave Seoane, Kevin Delaney, Jason Basarich, Josh Fletch Feliciano, Ricky Gatterdam, Scott Blum, and Olympic gold medalist Red Gerard.

The award ceremony was held on the deck in the sunshine while beers flowed and vibes were held high with help from live music by Franks and Deans. The snowboard community is forever thankful to longtime event organizer Mike Chantry as well as Soda Springs, the Revert Foundation, Skullcandy and all those who made this event possible. Thanks Tom!”

Mens Legends Overall

  1. Cameron Beck
  2. Jason Basarich
  3. Chris Roach

Ladies Legends Overall

  1. Christie M Elder
  2. Lori Gibbs
  3. Laurie Asperas Valayer

Men Open Overall

  1. Chris Roach
  2. Ryan Flaska
  3. Derek Henderson

Ladies Open Overall

  1. Morgan Rae Laurie
  2. Cali Carlson
  3. Sara Wilson

Junior Boys Overall

  1. Hunter Hodson
  2. Ezra Adams
  3. Zachariah Usher

Mens Legends Halfpipe

  1. Todd Richards
  2. Chris Roach
  3. Matt Peterson

Ladies Legends Halfpipe

  1. Christie M Elder
  2. Lori Gibbs
  3. Laurie Asperas Valayer

Mens Open Halfpipe

  1. Ozzy Chadwell
  2. Derek Henderson
  3. Chris Roach

Open Women Halfpipe

  1. Autumn Rose
  2. Sara Wilson
  3. Morgan Rae Laurie

Juniors Halfpipe

  1. Hunter Hodson
  2. Ezra Adams
  3. Zachariah Usher

Mens Legends Slalom

  1. Cameron Beck
  2. Kyle P Franklin
  3. Jason Basarich

Ladies Legends Slalom

  1. Nelly Steinhoff
  2. Lori Gibbs
  3. Christie M Elder

Open Men Slalom

  1. Emilio Botero
  2. Ryan Flaska
  3.  Chris Roach

Ladies Open Race

  1. Isabello Gomez
  2. Morgan Rae Laurie
  3. Jayda Hammond

Junior Race

  1. Paul Ronzone
  2. Zachariah Usher
  3.  Ezra Adams

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