Too Hard – #nochill

Bails that went into the making of Too Hard's new movie.

Every so often an edit comes through that does three things: shows snowboarding at its core through the painful, bone bruising, ego busting falls; satiates the internet royalty dreams of every reddit connoisseur that has ever searched “epic bail” on Youtube; and causes the average snowboarding edit viewer to actually hit relplay and watch the video over. And over. This edit from Too Hard, a myriad of crashes, falls, bails, and busts from filming in the cold streets and spliced together by Too Hard leading lady, Danyale Patterson, is such a video. Over the course a season, while filming for a movie, there’s plenty of bails that go along with the makes. The ladies of Too Hard let us in on their pain prior to their gain from the past two winters. Watch, wince, and stay tuned. This crew is dropping a new movie later this fall right here on

Watch the full movie here!