The internet has done wonders for improving accessibility to snowboard footage. The days of waiting for a film’s release, either on VHS or DVD, are long gone. Instead, we are inundated with a nearly impossible feed of videos to keep up with all year long. So many in fact, it can be easy to miss a film altogether, let alone remember how each video stacks up against others a year later. So, to help celebrate 2018 and all of the videos released, we dug into the archives to present you with the below collection of the top 5 watched online movies of 2018. We hope you enjoy a re-watch, because we know you loved them when they came out.

#1 The Future of Yesterday

It’s worth noting that the cast of snowboard films is often dictated more by politics than genuine relationships. The Future Of Yesterdays is not. This is a crew of actual friends…See the full post here.

#2 Alignment

Last season Eric Jackson set out into Northern British Columbia with a goal of finding alignment in his life between his two greatest passions, snowboarding and fly fishing. What he found, was that when combined, his two greatest passions leveled him and allowed him to perform at his best. This is the story of Eric Jackson’s quest for alignment…See the full post here.

#3 The Eternal Beauty of Snowboarding

Jerome Tanon, French snowboard photographer and cinematography, has spent years chasing snow and capturing the antics of pro snowboarders around the globe. His lengthy experience has spawned internal questions of just what he as a snowboarder is doing with his life…See the full post here.

#4 Selective Memory

The Manboys are proud to present their latest film project, Selective Memorybecause its hard to remember when you werent paying attention to begin with”…See the full post here.

#5 Soft

Soft, a film by Christian Haller and Kris Lüdi, is an audiovisual translation of the sense of feeling things.” With a free riding focus this movie is top-notch… See the full post here.

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