Travis Rice recently strolled through our TransWorld SNOWboarding headquarters in Carlsbad, CA and sat down with Eddie Wall for a Facebook Live interview. During this edition of Eddies Wall, Rice talked about his upcoming movie, The Fourth Phase, and gave intimate details about the highly anticipated project set to release on October 2. Along with detailing the highs and lows of working on this massive three year project, Rice also let in on the riders list, locations filmed in, and offered insight into the soundtrack of this multimillion dollar film.

Hundreds upon hundreds of viewers commented in and Rice answered a range of probing questions from info about his catamaran, his career as a falconer, to his affinity for peanut butter he covered a lot. Its not often a man with prestigious such as Rice sits down for such an open, unabashed interview, so settle in, and watch the whole thing above.

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Travis Rice, the funny guy. Photo: Chris Wellhausen

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About Eddies Wall:

Eddies Wall is a new weekly series hosted by former professional snowboarder Eddie Wall. Eddie famously climbed up the pro ranks while working a night janitor job in Mammoth Mountain so that he could shred during the day. In just a few years, he became one of the biggest names in pro snowboarding, in addition to winning contests and putting out legendary video parts. Eddie is now a professional host and manages our @TWSNOW Instagram Account.

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