Travis Rice knows how to give us the tip; a tiny taste of action that leaves us clawing for more. This spanking new GoPro raw clip from The Fourth Phase takes us to the pinnacle of a line in Alaska with Travis Rice and Eric Jackson. They drop in for what they term as the first-ever, spine-line brovie.

In this clip, the duo chats about what theyre going to do with Travis saying, So youre going to drop straight and kind of just get on your heels? E-Jack responds confidently, Yeah, exactly Not gonna do a big turn.. Then they high-five each other and drop in.

This clip is just a glimpse into the insane action in The Fourth Phase that just had its world premiere on September 8 in LA. The film will debut to the world online on October 2, 2016 and will be available to download on October 3rd.

Read all about the world premiere and see the photos here.

Travis and Eddie, so in the moment.
Travis Rice and Eddie Wall before the Fourth Phase premiere.

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