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SNOWBOARDER is bringing you a series of how to snowboard videos to help fill up that bag of tricks, and help you learn how to ride that snowboard a little better. This week Cody Rosenthal takes you step by step through an alley-oop backside rodeo 7 on a quarterpipe.

1. First, learn alley-oop backside rodeos on a quarterpipe or some sort of transition with vert.

2. When riding up the wall, make sure you are on your heel edge.

3. When you get to the lip, pop (but not too hard or you'll end up in the flats), and begin to look over your trailing shoulder and spot your landing.

4. Grabbing Indy keeps you compact and allows you to spot your landing better, but grab wherever is comfortable. The most important thing is to fully commit and stay tucked while your body rotates.

5. When coming around to land, you'll start to level out with the tranny wall, so start to rotate a late backside 180. This is the trickiest part, because you're landing blind, but feel it out as you start small and go bigger.

6. Land, and remember to bend your knees because you're landing on a transition so you need to be more balanced than usual.

7. Spot your runout and ride away clean. Repeat all day until fully dialed. Good luck!

Video by Gary Tyler McLeod

Do you have any additional tips for learning an alley-oop back rodeo 7? Let’s hear them.