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SNOWBOARDER is bringing you a series of how to snowboard videos to help fill up that bag of tricks, and help you learn how to ride that snowboard a little better. This week Scotty Vine takes you step by step through a frontside 720 off the toes.

1. The first part of this trick is dialing in the run-in, because you have to get the right speed before going off the lip, since you’ll be carving on your toes before you pop.

2. Start the rotation with your upper body once you leave the lip. Your upper body is going to throw you into the spin, and your lower body will follow. It helps to pick a midpoint in the jump to have the first 360 around and get a  comfortable grab. I like grabbing indy because it’s comfortable and you can spot your landing mid-spin.

3. One you’re halfway through the spin and you’ve got the grab, start spotting your landing. Put your legs down, stomp it, and ride away.

4. You’ll probably land either heel-heavy or toe-heavy, so prepare to adjust based on whichever way you’re balanced in the air.

5. Repeat and enjoy!

Video by Gary Tyler McLeod

Do you have any additional tips for learning a frontside 7 off the toes? Let's hear them.

October 2009 cover This content was originally published in SNOWBOARDER’s October 2009 issue.

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