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SNOWBOARDER is bringing you a series of how to snowboard videos to help fill up that bag of tricks, and help you learn how to ride that snowboard a little better. This week TJ Schneider shows us how to do a nosepress backside 180.

1. It’s always a little easier if you have a little more speed. Especially with flat rails.

2. Approach the rail as if you were going to do a 50-50, but land on the rail with your weight on your nose.

3. Positioning your body over your front foot will naturally lift your back foot off the rail.

4. Mid-way through the press you’ll want to start turning your shoulders as if you’re doing a backside spin.

5. At the end of the rail keep your shoulders turning while looking in the direction you want to spin and land.

6. Land fakie and ride away to the next rail.

Every one has their own unique way of learning a particular trick. What tips did you find useful learning nosepress backside 180 outs? Let’s hear ’em in the comments below.

Video by Gary Tyler McLeod