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SNOWBOARDER is bringing you a series of how to snowboard videos to help fill up that bag of tricks, and help you learn how to ride that snowboard a little better.

Erich Dummer guides you through the steps and how to’s of learning a switch backside 180.

1. You’re going to want to come in on your toe edge switch. Remember, when you leave the lip you don’t want to pop too much.

2. Roll of of your toe edge and take off nice and easy. Don’t pop too hard, or you might lose control.

3. When you’re in the air, grab whatever feels most comfortable. I like grabbing switch Indy.

4. Keep looking over your back shoulder while you bring it around and prepare for the landing.

5. I like to land a little more on my toe edge so when I set my board down, I’m looking straight ahead and can see where I’m going and get ready for the next jump.

6. Repeat.

What tips helped you learn a switch backside 180? Let's hear 'em in the comments below.

Video by Gary Tyler McLeod