Trollhaugen : Human on Board Ep. 1, Vol. 3 – Without Delay

Human on Board is back for a brand new season!

The 2016 season of trolls began with warm temps at Trollhaugen working to stifle snow cannons, but local humans would not be denied. Pre-season sets and unsanctioned stunts pushed stoke forward until Mother Nature could catch up. Please enjoy as we travel from early sessions on snow patches to arrive, finally, on flake-covered Valhalla hits. Trollhaugen humans are back on board.

Featured riders include Mike Skiba, Calvin Green, Nick Neeson, Jamal Awadalla, Matt Krei, Gabe Walstrom, Benny Milam, Kyle Kennedy, Peter Limberg, Tony Wagner, Emit Salokar, Keegan Tank, and Logan Herber. Shot and edited by Ben McCabe.

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