Human On Board episodes are always a treat. The riding coming out of there is constantly in a league of its own and each clip has significant worth. Check the words from Trollhaugen below.

“With over 140 days on hill this season, the humans of Human On Board have covered a troll-ton of canvas, with tricks and tips on a tantalizing tapestry of treasures treating Troll’s terrestrial terrain. Park.

As the season winds down, Troll HOB filmer Robbie Weides strikes a somber tone that transforms to stoke for this possible last treatsie into trollish territory to capture the aesthetic of gnar plastered upon a modest white scrim. Get fired up, cause this medium isn’t medium. The feast is heavy – enjoy the visuals.”

Featuring Garrett McKenzie, Calvin Green, Logan Herber, Tony Wagner, Kyle Kennedy, Keegan Tank, Sam Schiltgen, Jake Aldridge, Nick Neeson, Zach Zajac, Adam Kaye, Mike Skiba, Mike Casanova, Charlie Folkert, Grady Tank, Jack, and Joey Peterson.

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