Trollhaugen – Open Haugen Rail Jam2016

To kick off the 2017 season, Trollhaugen held its annual rail jam/open house/fundraiser, Open Haugen. The event is a nod to not only stoking out the Troll locals with a pre-season set up, but also serves to collect outerwear donations for people in need and to rail money for the Trollhaugen rail fund. Get in the spirit of the season with this recap of the weekend. Yes, there’s some skiing in there, but it’s for a good cause and Trollhaugen rules, so don’t worry about it. Skol!

From Trollhaugen:

Skol to the humans, the shops, the sponsors, and the crew for another super fun pre-season Open Haugen jam. Here’s a re-cap caught and sliced by Erik Olsen. See you when the snow flies!

Troll's Open Haugen Jam is our annual rail fundraiser, with proceeds going directly to the rail fund.

This event allows us to build a bunch of new features each season, while maintaining an all-shifts, paid park crew of some of the best terrain & rail builders around. Your support supports the progression of snowboarding and freestyle skiing, and we are forever grateful to those who come out to sesh and/or watch, and to the shops and companies, past and present, who donate prizes, time, and share the stoke. Much skol!