Halfway through a two year project, Jess Kimura is giving us a little taste of what she and a large collective of women riders have been working on this past season. Through spotty wifi in her camper, currently doubling as an editing bay parked somewhere on a Mexican beach, Jess is not only dropping the above trailer for The Uninvited, but will be releasing a four part series this fall highlighting different riders from the upcoming project in each episode.

Featuring Alexa McCarty, Darrah Reid, Ivika Jurgenson, Hiromi Takahashi, Maria Thomsen, Kennedi Deck, Miyon Yamaguchi, Madison Blackley, Taylor Elliot, and Kaleah Opal, the talent pool is deep to say the least. From up-and-comers to straight up underrated, we cannot wait to see what these ladies have in store. With footage from Japan, Estonia, Quebec, Salt Lake City, Tahoe, Iowa and more, Kimura’s Uninvited have quickly turned into one of the most anticipated crews to watch this season. Be on the lookout for the episodes dropping soon!

Directed, funded, and filmed by Jess Kimura. Edited by Troy Erickson.

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