With one of our favorite episodes to date, Desiree finds a type of glue south of Salt Lake that fosters some pretty amazing snowboarding. Heavy snowfall calls for a trip to Pat and Joey Fava's house and a little over three hours south of the city, Desiree Melancon, Jill Perkins, and Nirvana Ortanez session the parks at Brian Head with the brothers. We didn't get a full count on how many Fava's there are, but if Tommy is the youngest and already rips like he does, we will be seeing that last name for awhile.

The second half stays south in Beaver, Utah and heads to Eagle Point. Untouched snow and no lift lines sound good right about now. Where else in the world is a park maintained by just two dedicated riders?

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Film and edit by Marc O’Malley.

Big thanks to Eagle Point, Brain Head, Salomon, Coal, and Brew Dr. Kombucha for making it all happen.