United Slopes of America 2.3—Like Salt Lake But Smaller

Is every day considered a powder day at Powder Mountain? You will just have to watch and see.

For the latest episode, Desiree Melancon and the The United Slopes of America crew (Nirvana Ortanez and Jill Perkins) set out from Salt Lake to check out their neighboring mountains to the north with a little help from the local scene. Featuring Ogden locals and Salt Lake staples, join up with Alex Andrews, Cody Lee, Ted Borland, Justin Clark, Bode Merrill, Justin Keniston, Bryden Bowley,  Riley Hancock, Denis Maher and more as they ride all day, and even through the night at Snowbasin, Nordic Valley, and of course, Powder Mountain. Enjoy!

Bryden charges more than just batteries at Powder Mountain. p: Marc O’Malley

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