This US Open Halfpipe finals went off on Saturday in Vail, Colorado and once again everyone was reminded that style rules everything. Taylor Gold put down an amazing run that started with a monster method on the first hit and continued with innovative grabs all the way down the pipe. Kelly Clark took home her seventh…seventh US Open halfpipe title an almost super hero feat, and she looked on as perhaps her biggest fan/competition, 13 year old Chloe Kim landed super styley switch runs. The story of the day, however, was style and that was in the form of Terje Haakonsen, Danny Davis, and Scotty Lago, as well as Greg Bretz, Ben Ferguson,  Billy Anderson and many more poaching the pipe with some of the sickest trains we’ve ever seen. Check the full video to see all the action, as well as interviews with Jake Burton, Terje Haakonsen, Taylor Gold, Kelly Clark, Chloe Kim, and Ben Ferguson go giant on the first hit of the pipe.

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