Did you buy this on iTunes a year ago like an idiot? So did we. We could have just got it for free here if we all would have just practiced some patience. THAT IS A JOKE BY THE WAY. Support these movies, and then when you lose your copy or can’t remember your iTunes password, then and only then demand a free upload to Youtube. It’s what we have been doing with lost episodes of FRASIER that we can’t find on VHS for years.

Did Landline. win movie of the year last season? We don’t remember. Oh yeah, we didn’t do awards last year… but since it was released Jan. 2018 maybe it will be up for movie of the year again this year? That being said, we aren’t sure if we are even giving out awards again anyway. Whatever the case, this thing deserves some hardware. It is an absolute banger featuring Pat Moore, Mark Landvik, Hana Beaman, Jamie Lynn, Arthur Longo, Cheryl Maas, Markus Keller, Wolle Nyvelt, Phil Jacques, Darrell Mathes, Jake Kuzyk, Zac Marben, Dan Liedahl, Dillon Ojo, Mike Ravelson, Blake Paul, Mary Rand, Bryan Iguchi, Cole Navin, and Sam Taxwood. Directed by Tanner Pendleton. Enjoy.

From Vans:
Vans is proud to announce the brand's first-ever full-length snowboard film, Landline. Shot exclusively on Kodak 16mm film, Landline. conveys a raw, behind the lens perspective of the Vans snowboard team as they travel the globe showcasing their creative talents and eclectic personalities. Featuring full parts from some of the most popular names in modern day snowboarding, from seasoned pros, rising stars, and bonafide pioneers of the sport, Landline, embodies the true spirit and culture of snowboarding of today.

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