The actual lake portion of Lake Tahoe may be usually what draws masses of tourists to NorCal’s mountain towns in the warmer months, but if standing sideways is on your mind, the real attraction in the area is Woodward Tahoe, where June and July are perfect times to make turns. This summer, VG legends Joe Sexton and Jeremy Jones headed to North Lake where they strapped in and dropped into the Woodward park during the Videograss Session (cameo by MN-born-turned-Truckee-local Brady Lem–watch him in the Half Off teaser). Whether the jibs were mini or size L, Sexton and Jones had no problem turning campers’ heads with their easy prowess. Post park laps, the skateparks at the base of Boreal, both indoor and out, were pillaged by the two VG mavens. Enjoy clips from the week at camp and join the Videograss crew next year for summer snowboard camp at Woodward Tahoe.

From Videograss:

Snowboarding in the summer usually limits your thoughts to Mt. Hood, but you can’t forget about the epic times to be had at the Woodward summer snowboard camps. This summer Jeremy Jones and Joe Sexton hosted the Videograss session at Woodward Tahoe at Boreal. Check out the good times had skateboarding and snowboarding in one of the funnest summer parks around! Also our boy Brady Lem got in on a little cameo action. Sign up for next summer to join us again you won’t be disappointed! Check out the woodward site and get at it!