Videograss The Last Ones – Scott Stevens Full Part

Scott Stevens is a rider whose board control is so mind-boggling it often takes multiple watches to fully grasp the WTFs and NBDs that he puts down trick after trick. His video parts are not only iconic but have inspired many other riders to flex their creativity muscles, too. His style of snowboarding has become very influential, partly because of the insane skills that Scott possesses and partly because it’s obvious that he’s having such a good time whenever he’s strapped in, regardless if it’s only one foot.

Being that it’s Christmas, we here at SNOWBOARDER couldn’t think of any better way to celebrate the holiday season than to team up with Videograss to show Scotty Steve’s full part from VG’s The Last Ones. Because finally getting to watch the new snow videos each fall is pretty similar to Christmas morning and when you make it a VG/Scott Stevens full part, that’s definitely cause for celebration. Enjoy Scott’s segment and treat yourself for the holidays by picking up a copy of The Last Ones from iTunes.