Volcom presents The Making of True to This – Episode 4: The Indefinite Ride

The making of True to This casts its final blow with episode 4, The Indefinite Ride. Over the past three episodes, Volcom has explored some of the great individuals and great moments from the past twenty-plus that they have been helping to shape the face of snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing. In The Indefinite Ride, Volcom team riders speak about the feeling of riding, whether on concrete, waves, or snow and the similarities between the three. Featuring Ryan Sheckler, Mitch Coleborn, Andrew Doheny, Grant Taylor, Colin Provost, Pat Moore, and Rune Glifberg. Enjoy the episode 4 of this esteemed series in preparation for the debut of True to This, Volcom’s latest effort in their continual shaping of our culture. True to This drops on March 1, 2014 and with over 60 premieres worldwide, make sure to get out to view this film firsthand when it arrives in your area. For more information on the premiere tour, check back to Snowboardermag.com.

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