VZ WildLife Lodge – RoChamBlow

VonZipper's El Nino gang rips through Lake Tahoe.

Eenie, meenie, meinie, moe.

Catch a skier by the toe.


If he hollers,

let him go.

Eenie, meenie, meinie, moe.

Who drops in first can be decided many ways when you are out snowboarding. Alphabetical order, shortest to tallest, or the wonderful poem above all seem to do the trick, but nothing quite like rochambeau. It is quick and cool, just like the gang assembled for VonZipper’s WildLife Lodge. Posting up in one place and waiting for the powder to come is always a gamble… but Lake Tahoe scored last winter. Here's a taste of what the El Niño gang at the VonZipper WildLife Lodge did with those all of those blower days! Featuring Brendan Gerard, Hana Beaman, Red Gerard, Aspen Weaver, Mary Rand, Josh Naasz, Alex Scott, and Blake Axelson. One. Two. Three. Shoot!

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