Wasted Youth The Movie makes it clear that life should be spent wasting your youth. The good times cultivated in this flammably vibrant flick are astronomical. Honed in the no-joke environment of Revelstoke, BC, Taylor Roberts, Dozer, Keith Martin, Jess Kimura, Sean Barrett, Chris Curran, Anthony Miller, Seb Grondin somehow are infinitely lighthearted in the Big Mountains. Extravagantly daring, the pack of powhounds nonchalantly send building-sized cliffs as if they were any old side hit. Their sideways talents, though adapted to waist-deep conditions, transcend the white room, giving an array of textures to this hard-hitting film. Cached away in Wasted Youth The Movie you’ll find skate segments, DIY park sessions, and dashes of urban backdrops swirled into the tidal waves of pow. Enjoy!