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Camp Of Champions

Camp Of Champions Session B Recap featuring: Mark Sollors, Marc Swoboda, Seb Toots, Zak Hale, Annie, Boulanger, Natasza Zurek, Spencer O’Brien, Stephan Maurer, Iouri Podladtchikov, David Bertschinger Karg, Sani Alobabic, Charles Reid, Chris Sorman, Ludwig Lejkner, Andrew Burns, Derek Dennison, Kim Rune Hansen, Ben Bilocq, Zach Aller, Jake Kuzyk

Julian Marshall put together this recap highlighting some of the best riding going on up in Whistler. Music: Odessa by Caribou

The Helgasons came out with another edit of CHA DANG! filmed at Camp of Champions.

About White Hot American Summer:
With all the action going on at summer camps these days, SNOWBOARDER Magazine decided that we would condense all of this content into a convenient weekly post for each different camp that we like to call, "White Hot American Summer." Ok, so we know not all the summer camps are in "America." Some are in Canada, some are in Argentina, but that's still North or South America right? Good enough for us. Check in every week for videos and photos from the places you wish you were. High alpine. Hard landings. Soft snow.