By now you’ve heard the question and clicked the link, but Who Is Pepper?

Well, The Pepper Video is a movie directed by Jon Stark about a like-minded group of friends who all look at snowboarding differently, but share the same drive, stoke and desire to test themselves while strapped in. Who Is Pepper? is a behind the scenes series created by Cole Taylor to broadcast the backstory of the upcoming movie and the riders who will appear on The Pepper Video marquee come this fall.

Who Is Pepper? Episode 1 delves into the development of Sage Kotsenburg as a rider from his 2002 Olympic enlightenment to his own Sochi intentions. Testimonials from his Pepper peers further pulls the curtain back on what it is like to crew up with everyone’s favorite Olympian. Play, pour over it, share and then stay tuned for Episode 2 next week with Chris Grenier.

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