Wyld Instict’s presents their first full length project, Wyld as Hell. The two year filming project consisted of 7-10 guys crammed into houses in Wenatchee, Washington filming together with no budget and no plan. Their only drive was to make a movie together and ride as much as possible. This mentality led them to call their crew "wyld instinct", because somehow in the midst of all the chaos, parties, and differing backgrounds, snowboarding together came first and they always seemed to luck out when they needed to. Featuring the riding of Demetri Bales, Justus Hines, Jaeger Bailey, Garrett Warnick, Johnny Lazz, Gabe Mekker, Kaleah Opal, Jeff DeForge, Kyle Roles, Aaron Kiser, Petey Pierotti, Matt Robinson, Ian Sullivan, Jake Aaronson, Andrey Trofimov, and Jake Rose!

The camaraderie talked about in Justus Hines email about the project shows how well the group meshed. Whether it was pulling bungee, learning how a camera works to cover the second angle, or even pitching cash in to help their buddies trip go a bit easier, these guys became a family! We at SNOWBOARDER are beyond stoked to present their hard work from the past two seasons! Enjoy Wyld as Hell! We know we did.

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