Last year, the Wyld Instinct crew had their sights set on filming in the streets, collecting footage to make a movie of their own. Mother Nature had different plans, though, and laid out the least ideal weather conditions the Northwest has seen in years. So, as a last-ditch effort to get clips and make turns, the crew settled on a spring roadtrip. Andy Glader, Jake Rose, Jake Aaronson, Kyle Roles, Justus Hines, Aaron Kieser, and Matt Robinson piled in two cars and traversed from Mission Ridges to Mammoth, Bachelor to Boreal, meeting up with friends along the way and imbibing plenty of sunny park laps. After a winter of lowtide in their homestate of Washington, the guys were eager to finally stack the shots they’d been hungry for all season. The crew found snow and plenty of homies on their self-described “truly epic gypsy adventure,” the kind of experience that everyone who has saved meager resort town job paychecks, cashed in their empties, and checked below the couch cushions to get through a season of shredding can relate and aspire to. The trip, rife with the good laps and good friends, resulted in this short movie, entitled The Hare. Ryan Finder, Wyld’s filmer describes the apropos titling this way:

“The video is titled The Hare because of the lesson learned from the childhood story The Tortoise and the Hare.  The hare underestimates the turtle, and laughs in his face at the confidence he has in challenging him to a race. The story translates to our experience we had trying to create a project this year. We had no budget and no set plan, our drive and ingenuity to make the trip happen out of nothing pushed us through to the end. We made the right moves and cleverly created one of the best trips any of us had ever been on. The lesson learned is even though there are people out there who are flexing their guns and looking super legit like the hare, there is still an opportunity for crews like us, the tortoise, to make shit happen.”

We’re down with that.

Featuring Kyle Roles, Jake Rose, Ian Sullivan, Aaron Kieser, Justus Hines, Demetri Bales, Jake Aaronson, Andy Glader, Jordan Wells, Mike Burton, Cooper Hoffmeister, Collin Langlois, Bryce Salazar, Garrette McKenzie, Nial Romenek, Skully, Greydin McCalla, Danny Salazar, Mitch Ritchmond, Brian Pracht, Ryan Pluche, Matt Robinson, Luke Winkleman, Tristen Heiner, Quin Dobois, Phil Hansen, Luke Zajac, and Raul.

Filmed by Ryan Finder.