X Games Aspen 2017: Hailey Langland lands first-ever double cork ten in women’s big air finals – VIDEO

First ever by a woman in X Games.

Hailey Langland just keeps getting bossier and bossier. The young Californian just clenched her first X Games gold medal in the rebirth of women’s big air on Thursday night by landing a new-to-her trick in front of a crowd of just a few thousand in person spectators. Stay tuned to the end of the video, in which Hailey explains how she surprised herself before shutting down the contest when she attempting to perfect a cab nine during practice, she rotated into a perfect cab double cork ten. Not only is this one of the smoothest 1080’s to be done by a female snowboarder, it’s one any guy would definitely be proud to put down.

All of the women who sent it over the gigantic big air jump destroyed, sending nines, double flips, and more for the entranced crowd. In the above video, witness the top three tricks by the top three riders, Hailey Langland,  Anna Gasser, and Julia Marino.

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