X Games Aspen 2017: Marcus Kleveland slopestyle finals winning run

The young Norwegian comes out firing his rookie year at X, making triple corks look good.

Marcus Kleveland, young Nitro and Volcom young gun from Norway, arrived in Aspen for his rookie X Games year and promptly informed all of snowboarding that he’s got plenty of mettle for winning medals. After he erupted off the big air jump on Friday night and stomped the first-ever quadruple cork in competition, earning his first X Games medal in the process, all eyes were on him as he dropped into the slopestyle course on Sunday afternoon. Marcus’ talent for spinning large rotations succinctly off cheesewedges is matched only by the high technicality of his rail game and on his first run on Sunday, he let loose, firing off one of the most impressive–and smooth–men’s slopestyle runs to date. Dropping into the upper rail zone, the 17-year-old savant put down a casual 50-50-back 270-pretzel out on the first rail; switch frontlip on the rainbow; front 270 on, 270 off on the third rail, and a cab 270 on the final job. In the jumps, Marcus sent a switch back double ten, a cab triple sixteen, and one of the mellowest-looking backside triple fourteens potentially ever landed. He was awarded a 91.66 by the judges and would take the lead, never looking back and adding a shiny, gold medal to his cache. Congrats, Marcus!