X Games Aspen: Marcus Kleveland Big Air quad cork and interview

The young Norwegian explains what it was like to drop into X Games big air and land the first quad in competition.

He won us over with his ability to spin lightning fast off sidehits. He broke the internet with the “dab heard ’round the world.” And, even more, he retains ample amounts of Scanner style regardless if he’s riding rails, launching jumps, or boosting seemingly impossible heights of the aforementioned sidehits. Marcus Kleveland has entered the lexicon of snowboarding and all eyes are on this Norwegian wunder-rider. During his first appearance at X Games Aspen, Marcus flawlessly threw down the first quadruple cork ever in competition and snagged a silver medal while he was at it. Here now, is a look at the drops that earned Marcus what is very likely only the start of a very large medal collection, as well as some words with the talented turner, himself.