Zimstern: Fall Leaves

[video_player video=”http://ondemand.snowboardermag.com/video/flv/snowboarder-090915-zimstern0.flv” /]

Hailing out of Switzerland, founder of snowboard shop Sig Sag Sug, and ex K2 pro, Marco Lutz has been making awesome snowboard flicks for years. From his first flick in 2000 (Moment's Notice) Marco has been raising the snowboard video production level. Long before That's It That's All, and while Robot Food was wowing people with their shred flicks, Marco was leading the charge with high end lighting and after effects.

Over the next couple years he continued churning out eye candy for those in the know with Desired Effect, Primevil, and King Size. If you like quality editing and cinematography, and who doesn't? Set your radar for Marco Lutz. He kills it.