Snowboarder’s File “In My Life”

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"To keep on riding"
It is important to have a balance between "Riding" and "Life" to keep on riding.

5 snowboarders who used be in front line of freestyle snowboarding back in 90s and still riding even though their life style and occupations changed.
The new snowboard film style that will show you each snowboarders' life and passion.

Snowboarders' life that we see and story behind it. Why do they keep on riding? What actually do we need to keep on riding?
Life style and work. The life based on snowboarding. Snowboarding based on life.
Balancing between life and snowboarding.
As an adult. What do we need to keep on riding and pursuing.
This is the story of 5 snowboarders that they will show us the answers.

â– Yoshihiro Sano
He manages guesthouse and rental shop. On the other hand he is a director of surf and snowboard company.

â– Noboru Konno
Snowboarder be in woods in summer as logger, and drives groomer in winter.

â– Yasufumi Takano
He works as log house builder, and at the same time explores and rides his local mountain.

â– Hashimoto Takaoki
Juggling urban life and natural life as a professional skateboarder.

â– Takashi Minamiura
He helps his family business as full time job. But on the other hand, he is an jade beards artist to pursue his spiritual mind.

Each of the snowboarders keeps on riding with their each different back grounds.
This is the movie of stories of 5 man describing their snowboard life.

★★made in JAPAN★★